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We will be adding a few more items in the future (picture galleries/children/weelam).  Be sure to check back.  And, if you would like to see an item added that could benefit church members/visitors, please feel free to send us an email.

This site contains PDF (Adobe Reader) files.  If you do not have an Adobe Reader Program, you may need to get one installed on your PC or you should visit www.adobe.com.  Once you have this installed you should be able to view the calendars, announcements, banner, bulletin, booklets, misc., and event pages in PDF Format.  Most PC's come with Adobe Reader installed on them already.  You may be asked to allow the adobe documents to be viewed on your PC via pop up window effective 3/09.

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Changes were made to color, centering, additional navigation page and menu's in March of 2009.  If you experience problems from this change, please email the webmaster on the Contact Us Page.  Due to limited access of web browsers and your system resolutions, and testers it's hard to test the site thoroughly.  So, please report problems to your webmaster so he/she can work on the problem and assist you as much as possible.  

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